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Program & Registration

  • What is Ameripub Perks?
    • Ameripub Perks is Blackfinn Ameripub’s point based loyalty program that rewards members with exclusive offers and discounts based on participation and points earnings in the program.
  • How do I become and Ameripub Perks member?
    • There are three different ways you can sign up…
      1. Pick up a card at any participating Blackfinn Ameripub restaurant and then register your card online at
      2. If you don’t have a card, no worries! Enroll online by completing the Ameripub Perks registration form found on the Blackfinn Ameripub website. You’ll receive a membership number that you can use to identify yourself during your next visit to the restaurant.
      3. You can also sign up using the Ameripub Perks mobile application, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Is it free to join?
    • Yes, it’s FREE to join the Ameripub Perks Rewards Program.
  • How do I register my card?
    • You will need the card number and registration code found on the back of your card, along with your first and last name, email address and phone number.
    • Upon registration, you’ll score a free appetizer reward to use during your next visit. You’ll also receive the occasional member-only invitations and opportunities to earn extra points.
  • Why do I have to register my card?
    • Registration is required to redeem your Ameripub Perks rewards, as well as…
      • Allow you to track your account activity and your current Perks point balance
      • Make it easier to transfer points if you ever lose your card
      • Allow your server to look up your account using your card number or phone number you provided during registration
      • Receive member-only offers and event invitations through email

Card Details

  • I received a virtual card from enrolling through the Blackfinn Ameripub website; how do I get a physical card?
    • Keep in mind you don’t need a card to earn points, as long as you enroll online or through our mobile app. If you would prefer to have a physical card, just bring your virtual card number with you the next time you visit a participating Blackfinn Ameripub and your server will be able to issue you a physical card.
  • What if I don’t have my card with me when I visit?
    • Don’t worry! As long as you are a registered member in the Ameripub Perks program, your server can look up your account with your card number, your mobile app or the phone number that you provided during registration.
  • What if I lose my card?
    • We’d be happy to issue you another card at any participating Blackfinn Ameripub restaurant. Please note that you do not need a physical card to identify yourself and earn Perks Points. If you choose to get a new physical card, once you have a new card, sign in online using your original account information and then transfer your current Perks points and rewards to the new card number. Please note that you can only replace cards that have been registered.
  • Can I merge another card’s balance to my account?
    • Sign in to your account and register the second card under your main account, then transfer the balance onto one card. Please note that the new card cannot already be registered with another Ameripub Perks account and the second card will become inactive. Only one active card is permitted per account.
  • Who should I contact if I have problem with my card?

Ameripub Perks Points & Rewards

  • What is the difference between points and rewards?
    • You accumulate Ameripub Perks points for every qualifying purchase at a participating Blackfinn Ameripub restaurant. Once you hit 150 points, you’ll be awarded 10 Finn Bucks on your account to redeem during a future visit. Ameripub Perks members will also receive special offers exclusive to the program.
  • How do I earn points?
    • You will earn one Perks point for every qualifying dollar you spend at participating Blackfinn Ameripub restaurants. Please note that taxes and gratuity will not count towards your Perks point accrual.
  • Can I earn points on group party, private party or event functions?
    • Yes, you are eligible to earn points for group party, private party and event functions held at one of our participating Blackfinn Ameripub® restaurants. A maximum of 3,000 points can be earned from a group party, private party or event function held at one of our participating Blackfinn Ameripub® restaurants. An Ameripub Perks membership must be registered prior to the event, for you to be eligible to earn points from that specific group party, private party or event function. For more details, see the Terms of Use.
  • When will the points appear on my account?
    • Points are issued after your check is closed at a participating Blackfinn Ameripub.
  • Do my Ameripub Perks points expire?
    • Your points won’t expire as long as a qualifying purchase is made at least once every 12 months. Accounts that have no activity during a 12 month period will automatically be cancelled, and all accrued points and rewards will be forfeited.
  • Do my Ameripub Perks rewards expire?
    • The rewards that you have earned based on your points will not expire, as long as make a qualifying purchase at least once every 12 months. However, rewards that are earned as part of special offers, promotions, birthday reward, etc. might have a set expiration date. When you earn a reward, make sure that you review the posted expiration date.
  • How do I know how many points and rewards I have?
    • There are three ways to check your current Perks point balance and available rewards:
      1. Log in under the Ameripub Perks section on the Blackfinn Ameripub website.
      2. Check your balance on the Ameripub Perks mobile app.
      3. Ask a server for the balance the next time you visit a participating Blackfinn Ameripub restaurant.
  • Can I earn points on gift card purchases?
    • Yes, you can; however, your Finn Bucks cannot be redeemed towards the purchase of gift cards.
  • Can more than one person earn points and/or redeem rewards at one table?
    • Absolutely! Ask your server to split the check and one Ameripub Perks loyalty card may be applied to each check.
  • I had a reward and it expired, what happened?
    • Some of the rewards will only be valid for a limited time. Always make sure that you check the expiration date of the reward to make sure that you don’t miss out on redeeming it.
  • What if I do not want to use my reward during a visit?
    • You may choose not to redeem any or all of your rewards at a visit; however, please notify your server prior to processing payment.
  • Can I earn and redeem points at all Blackfinn Ameripub restaurants?
    • The Ameripub Perks and the program’s points and rewards system is valid only at participating Blackfinn Ameripub restaurants. If you curious whether your local Blackfinn Ameripub is participating, just call or send us an email and we’ll let you know.

Privacy & Program Communication

  • Why do I have to register with my phone number?
    • To ensure your visit is counted, the phone number you provided during registration can be used to look up your account if you do not have your card with you.
  • After I register, what will you do with my information?
    • We use this information to send you information about special events and promotions that we feel will be of interest to you. We also will send you periodical communication that pertains to program upgrades, changes or to keep you informed about your current account activity.

      We respect your trust and therefore your privacy is very important to us. We will never sell or share your personal information with a third party, unless it is necessary for specific services related to the Ameripub Perks program.

  • Why am I not receiving emails from you?
    • If you have enrolled in the program and are not receiving emails from us, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Depending on your email provider, you may have to add us as a safe sender.