Top 5 Grilling Essentials Giveaway

Top 5 Grilling Essentials Giveaway

Nothing says summer like backyard grilling, but before you fire up the coals make sure you’re prepared with our top five grilling essentials. (We’re also hosting a giveaway for all five tools – check out how to enter below!)


Stock up on 10″ Flat Metal Skewers. They’re an easy way to mix ingredients and flavors, while keeping smaller items in place on the grill. Unlike their wooden counterparts, metal skewers can be reused and don’t require time to pre-soak.



Keep your friends and family safe with an Instant-Read Meat Thermometer. Plus, everyone will think you’re a pro when their steaks are cooked to perfection.


Always use a Grill Brush to keep your grates clean – it lengthens the life of your grill and it’s the first step to healthy, even cooking.


Char your food and not your hands with a Long-Handled Spatula, which is great for flipping thick burgers to delicate fish fillets. You’ll want a metal or heat-proof option with a spring-loaded handle.

Long-Handled Tongs are also an absolute must and will quickly become your favorite multi-tasker. As an added bonus, unlike grill forks, tongs won’t pierce your food and lose flavorful juices.

Ready for grilling success? Leave us a comment with your go-to grill tool and you’ll be entered to win all five of our faves, plus $25 in Finn Bucks! One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday, June 28th at noon.

Good luck and happy grilling!